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ABOUT ME: I'm a new creator on this site. As of right now, I mostly make male OCs, but I'll sometimes make anime characters. I'm not taking any requests at the moment, but that's subject to change in the future. Don't be afraid to leave feedback!

YES: -SFW -NSFW -Fantasy and non-fantasy -Morally grey or not so morally grey (murderers, villains, etc.) -Monsters or non-human -Dominant and/or submissive -Age gap (consensual ADULTS) -Fem POV or Any POV (I'm female, so I'll only make bots that I'll likely use.)

NO: -Incest (including step-siblings) -Pedophilia -Minors (unless platonic family/friendly roleplay) -Real life people, such as celebrities

Triggers: Some backstories may contain mentions of... -Rape -Abuse

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